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Icons Code of Conduct

Icons' Code of Conduct

as of 01/15/2013

Authored by: Icons Officers, spearheaded by lightlord

It is the policy of Icons to provide a friendly and trustworthy environment to everyone. It is expected for every member to demonstrate role model behavior, to better ourselves and the game play. This is done by creating trust and respect among the members of Icons. We think of ourselves as friends and family. The staff of Icons is the caretakers of the guild, but every member has the power to report problems that they encounter. This can be about the guild, the staff, members, Nexon, the gaming public, and ANYONE.

Expectations of Guild Members

The expectation of guild members which includes the staff is tolerable behavior. Examples of intolerable behavior includes, but not limited to: openly breaking Nexon terms of use, scamming, discrimination, verbal and sexual harassment, spamming, bullying, and trolling. It is expected when members are experiencing intolerable behavior that they avoid escalading it and report to an officer.    

Expectations of Staff Members (Officers) About Us

Staff members are expected to be caretakers of the guild. There are officers for different rolls in the guild, but all officers are capable of filling in for each other. Examples of guild staff responsibilities includes, but not limited to: mediate conflicts, monitor chats, help with game play, host events and parties, editing guild site, recruiting, take and report problems, give out warnings, and demonstrate tolerable behavior.

Tolerance System

Intolerable behavior reported will be warned only once by an acting officer if necessary. Reports should include what the issue is and what should be done. The report itself and the warning should be carried out in privet message or by note, to prevent overlooking the message, privacy, evidence of the conversation, and so that it is thought out. Both members and officers should use appropriate language in order to take each other seriously and respectfully. It is the acting officer’s duty to check and make sure that conflicts are resolved, and should take further action if necessary. Any additional problems and or questions with this system or how it is carried out should be posted on the guild site, reported to an officer or to the head officer Lyf to be handled.

This code of conduct should only be followed as a general guideline for behavior in the guild of Icons. All behavior is considered tolerable unless reported or warned by an officer. All reports are considered confidential and would only be shared with other officers if necessary. Once reported, it is the duty of that officer to immediate further action. If the problem is not resolved, it is recommended to report that officer and the preexisting problem to another officer. Ask any officer for clarification and/or questions about our policies.