We have on-going collaboration with the developers in setting-up the website with features that would help our guild flourish.  Below are the list of current available features and on-going development:

Available Features

  • Site Registration and Profile Management
    • Members can register and manage their profile, upload avatars for their account
  • Blogging
    • Members have access to blogging and will be posted at the index of the website
  • Messaging
    • The website has a built-in internal messaging system which allows each members to leave a message to each other through the website
  • Guild Wall
    • A wall of message where all members can share their insights and practically anything they want to talk about.

On-going Development

  • Trust System (tagged as priority 1)
    • A pointing system to rate users (members and non-members of the guild) to give public an easy and clear overview of who to trust and who not to trust.
    • Read this for details of this feature.
  • Guild Treasure Box
    • Members who has more can share their unused or unwanted items to the members who have less by means of this Guild Treasure Box.
  • Royal Support Queue
    • This features allows systematic queuing of members that needs help from the elite force of the guild.
  • Character Management, CP Calculator, AP and Skill planner
    • This is one of our ambitious plans on this site, a character management module where you can store your character's information such as skill and stats and get important information such as current CP, AP utilization and skill planning. You don't have to re-enter all your character information each time you need your CP computed, it will be stored to a database for future reference and for your convenience.