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This is a compilation of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter from our new members.  The list is always being updated so check back from time to time.


  1. Why does your guild have huge level gaps between members?
    We do not have level requirements.  We want to give new players a place where they can feel they belong, and at the same time, have enough people with experience (or PRO as they say) to guide them.  If the guild is all PRO, what else would they do?  Of course the PRO members can do elite all day, do hard dungeons and hunt for their ES and Items, but at the end of the day, where else would they use their supreme power?  In this guild, after the PRO are done making themselves super strong, there is still something more to do aside from trying to be stronger even more, they can help others so they do not get bored trying to be super super pro all the time.
  2. Why do you let anyone in the guild, doesn't that pose a problem who to trust?
    How else would you know if a person is trustworthy?  How else would you know if a person is good?  The only way you can find out is by being with them.  The guild is open to all so we can all play and chat together.  We can easily see who would be good and who would be bad.  If trust is the problem, even a PRO, a veteran or someone who you already knew for a very long time, could end up backstabbing you.  Trust is something you gain and is supposed to be mutual.  Also, we will be introducing a new site feature called 'Trust System' which will organize and rank each person based on being trustworthy, read here for more about the new feature.
  3. I'm weak, I don't have trans or demi, can I still join the guild?
    Short answer, YES!  
    Long answer, we do not care about your skills, your total level or your achievements, we only care if you are a good person who can go along with other and have high tolerance and a huge sense of humor.
  4. Can I get help on my quest, dungeons, trans, demi, hunt pages for my book, etc?
    Short answer, YES! 
    Long answer, but we do not guarantee that you get the help you needed as soon as you want them.  Everyone in the guild are free to help, but it isn't mandatory.  Everyone in the guild has their own agenda, some may have a quest too that they need to finish.  The key is patience, ask often if necessary but do not lose hope if nobody answers.  The officers will of course try their best to help you as well, but remember that the officers have more things on their plate already as well as their own personal agenda.  There will also be a feature being developed for this guild site to properly schedule all help and activities, but that is still not available as of this writing.
  5. Does the guild participate in guild battles, dungeon runs, and SMs/TMs?
    • Guild Battle - Generally the guild does not do Guild Battles.
    • NPC Tournament - This is run weekly usually, and is organized by Lyf or Dracondemon
    • Falias Treasures - Done upon request for assistance
    • SMs and TMs are called out by members on guild chat.
    • Check also the Events section for major dungeon runs such as Peaca Int.
  6. I want to be Senior member, how do I become one?
    This status is given only to relatively old and active members.  Normally, you will need to apply for it since the founders and the officers may be busy to talk about it.  Here are the steps on how to apply for seniorship:
    • Stayed for at least a month on the guild
    • Created an account on guild website
    • Clean record for the whole month (no reports of scamming and bad behaviour)
    • Actively participating on guild chat
      • Participating on guild runs is not a requirement
    • Privately talk to each founders and officers about your intention to apply for seniorship (conference is ok). You need at least 2 from founders and 2 from officers which always includes lightlord plus the whole HR Committee.
    • Note that being a senior member doesn't mean you are automatically an officer.  Officership will have a different procedure and requirements.
  7. What time does the guild is most active?
    The guild is most active in the afternoon of PST like most guilds since this is an NA based game.  But we have quite a number of members from Australia too and some midnight oil burners.
  8. How do I get kicked?
    The guild is tolerant to its members, but be sure to put things in moderation.  Try not to harass other guild members.  Also, try to put more trust on your guildies, if you wish to suggest, say so in a nice manner. Forcing your opinion usually causes unhealthy debate, although that will not get you kicked either.  As of this writing, there are 2 incidents that a member got kicked:
    1. due to massive sexual harassment that never ceased even after being warned.
    2. due to disrespect to founders and/or officers.
    The officers and founders are very lenient, but members should never test the patience.  We, the officers and founders, have already vowed to serve and be regarded as slaves, but we deserve to be respected.  We, like the regular players, want to have fun too and deserves it as well.  We already went to great extent to establish the guild just for the members to enjoy.  The least we wanted is for a member to be disrespectful.  If you think you are better than the founders and officers of the guild, or anyone in the guild, you are free to leave the guild and make  your own, we do not tolerate rebels. We also do  not allow black propaganda on the guild chat and anywhere, if you are caught inciting to sedition or spreading propaganda against the guild or anyone on the guild, you will be subjected to disciplinary action leading to possible dismissal from the guild.
    Try to avoid debates just for the sake of argument, debates should be for stating facts and not just to disprove someone.  Opinions are welcome but do not force your opinion into someone, and be sure to state clearly that it is your opinion to avoid confusion.
    Most important of all, respect each other the way you want to be respected.   These are common sense and there is no need for elaboration. 
    Before being kicked, you will be privately warned by an officer, it is best not to ignore their warnings to stay on the guild.
  9. Why is everyone like weird, couldn't tell if they are arguing or joking?
    Most of the guild members have been around for sometime and has developed this close connection with each other.  Sometimes their jokes would appear like they are fighting each other but they are not.  We hope that new members wouldn't feel alienated by our weird sense of humor.  You may also want to read about tsundere and  other info related to it.  If there is an uneasy feeling about the guild chat, get the attention of the officers to get a better explanation of things.
  10. Drop rules
    By default, the rule is "your chest, your drop".  If you have a pass, and you need help, be sure to tell everyone who will be helping that you need the drop from the chest BEFORE entering the mission.  Make sure the discussion is on the guild chat so that more people will act as witness.
    The reason for the simple rule of "your chest, your drop" is because everyone who joined, regardless if they are strong or not, contributed to killing or not, has already exerted their contribution of 'time' in participating the dungeon.  So unless the pass holder or party leader stated in advance, the default rule applies.