About the Guild

Icons guild is a community of players that loves to play casually, socialize, share insights, opinion and information and do anything fun while striving to be a model player by being friendly, polite and helpful to others. The name 'Icons' was derived from the word 'icon' which means an image or symbol like an idol that is adorned, hence, the core value of the Icons guild is 'to strive to be a role model'. (View the Icons Code of Conduct for details)

Icons guild is not 'owned' by a person, it is owned by its members.  Icons guild has no leader, it is only maintained by a group of people called 'officers' to preserve order.  The officers are not above the members, they are public servants to the guild members to keep the guild in proper order.

The Icons guild started as a guild for a massively multiplayer online rpg named Mabinogi, published by Nexon NA.  It is now acting as a place for people who still shares the same Icons vision and virtues.  Most of original members of Icons stopped playing Mabinogi and went on with their lives; to work, to study, or to play another mmorpg, but the brotherhood remains.

  • Established: September 25, 2011
  • Type: Friendship and Fun
  • Guild Level : 5 (max)
  • Guild Capacity: 250 members
  • Guild Stone: Near Moon Gate of Dunbarton
    Guild Stone Location
  • Guild Hall: Enabled
  • Warp Function: Enabled
  • Guild Robe
  • Allies:
    • Avatars - Extension guild of Icons
    • Emperium - Friend guild
    • Elegant - Trusted guild
    • GOAWAY - Trusted guild

If you are interested in joining, kindly read this link.