Gamer Dungeon

01/21/2014 06:26:04 +0000

Work in progress, same idea as all the other media topics. I have played a ton of games so expect a lot of content here!

-I intend to find a image or two later on to include to make the page come more alive and fun. This requires snapshotting images, resizing them and uploading them for anchoring into the post as just using the image from random sites results in the links becoming invalid eventually.

-Post your friend codes and what games you play that are multiplayer to the wall to be added on the page.

Console Games:

Nintendo 3DS: 
Share your friend codes and what multiplayer games you play! Make sure you note or message the person first because mystery adds are creepy!

Friend Codes: Dracondemon: 0662-3732-3303 - Pokemon Y, Mario Kart 7. 

Browser Games:

Cookie Clicker - Lyf's favorite game, you could say it was a match made in heaven. Click a cookie, hire some additional production factors and AFK all you want with this browser game.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|PC Games:|\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

League of Legends Rating 8/10.
A MOBA style game. Each person controls 1 champion each match that can reach a max of lvl 18. Each champion will have 4 spells that can be ranked up. There are a few different maps and game modes to appeal to a larger variety of players. The game is balanced well overall with short stuns, so the combat comes down to skill and mobility. The company focuses on being the best community oriented team and have done a lot of requests or changes at the wish of the community.     

Phone Games:

Simpsons Tapped Out - Great app for anyone who likes a farmville style game and/or The Simpsons! Build up your own Springfield and gradually unlock more land, characters and buildings. The best part is it does not take a lot of time to get enjoyment out of this.
-Message the following users to arrange to add: Dracondemon