Security Advisory & Notices  

Security Watch List

Mon Nov 4 23:18:37 2013 +0000

While we are still waiting for the 'Trust System' feature to become available, we have prepared a list of people that are considered 'shady' so that the public will be careful in dealing with them specially on trades and trust.

  • Aloues, TWno1, Stessan
    • Convicted for multiple counts of scamming
    • Sentenced with Banishment from the guild.
  • Pinkblurr
    • Received lots of complaints from people with high reputation
    • Still needs more evidence to start a guild trial. (screenshots of chat and trades)
    • No longer associated with Icons Guild
  • Raysol
    • Trades used or invalid AP Pots (2 complainants)
  • lougex
    • 1 complainant of scamming (social hacking)
  • Chatango
    • complained by multiple prominent people
  • Lyzurge
    • multiple complainants of scamming and impersonation
  • Zaliant
    • Associated with Lyzurge (same person)
  • Deathbylove7
    • 2 complainant of scamming
    • currently rebuilding his reputation, settled most of his dues and is being helped by friends. (deal at your own risk)
  • Rtwillmott
    • impersonated an Icons
    • 1 complainant and a witness
  • Jeeps, Centru, Karma030, Krisstian
    • reports of scamming
  • Cquiles
    • reports of scamming and spreading false rumors
  • Panteram
    • 2 complaints of NX scamming
  • Kaato
    • Associated with Lyzurge (same owner)
  • Rinuker
    • Multiple complainants
  • firesword124
  • Tivo12
    • Reported by guild officer for hacking a guild member
  • Lyfak/ Ruckmos
    • Potential risk of scamming by impersonation
    • Will attempt to invite you for a teamviewer trade.
    • Claims to be selling Nuadha robe but couldn't show the merchandise
    • Lots of reports saying Lyfak is using Lyf as reference or is claiming to be Lyf.
  • shizx and Centru
    • Scamming by drop trade claiming their trade and mail are broken
    • multiple reports from trusted people.
  • Relayna
    • Scamming by drop trade claiming their trade and mail are broken
    • reported by a reliable source.

If you have any information about the activities of the above mentioned persons, we kindly ask you to report them to us via our Feedback page.

We need your help in updating our list.  If you know a scammer and have proof that he/she scammed (screenshot), please send a note to Lyf or Sylpi.  Let's make the game a better place without these scammers.



Regarding xjews

Sirs and Ladies, we are aware of your concern against sir xjews and we are closely monitoring him due to this.  Being a democratic guild, we do not want to jump into conclusion so we have to give him a chance.  Rest assured, we have already talked to him and attempted to resolve any conflicts he had in the past, we wish that you do not immediately jump into conclusion or belittle our judgement.  We do not want to discriminate nor falsely judge anyone and we also believe in second chances. If you have further concern against him, you can note any of the officers or leave a message here so we can schedule a conference and settle the problem. If you think his presense in the guild endangers our reputation, we can do an open vote here by saying:

"I vote to dismiss from the guild due to ."

For the record, this is what have been agreed:

He claims that he just bought the character/account from the original owner. (yes, you do not have to tell us that this is the common excuse of most scammers).  We have agreed that he will pay everyone the old owner scammed and attempt to reconcile with everyone that had issues with this character. Failure to do this will be grounds for his dismissal to the guild.

We all care for the reputation of our guild, but we should also be fair in passing judgement. We do not want to falsely accuse anyone.  Although we allow voting someone for dismissal, the committee will be the final judge in weighing the situation.

And lastly, I do not want another person sending me PM similar to this.  I know what I'm doing and I'm just being fair to everyone, if you send me a message similar to this, you are free to dismiss yourself from the guild, you've been warned.

- Lyf