Applying to the Guild

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(We would like to answer everything you want to know, so please read this page entirely. This page is also actively being maintained to add questions that comes up from interested applicants.)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Applying to the guild
  3. What next when you are accepted?



Welcome to the official site of Icons Guild.  The guild is a free-for-all, no responsibility, no pressure, just friendship and fun type guild.  We do not have level or skill requirements, but we require our members to be at least civilized and friendly (read: do not start a flamefest particularly on Guild Battle). Although we have an official website, registration to this site is not mandated, but it is highly recommended as we will be putting up exclusive tools and features on this website that will greatly aide you on your journey to Erinn.

We do not require our members to donate gold, items or time, but we would certainly be thankful if you donate your GP since GP is of no other use to players other than to donate to guild.  GP is not transferable or convertible and it resets when you leave the guild.

There are no mandatory activities, you are not even required to say anything to the guild chat, but what is the point in joining the guild if not to socialize?

Our guild stone is located near the Moon Gate of Dunbarton.

Guild Stone Location

The guild is also resident to a couple of Royal Alchemist that can aide you on your Generation Quests.


Applying to the Guild

Before you apply, the following questions should be answered so we can learn a little about you.The Application will be viewable only to a few caretakers of the guild. Copy the following questions and go to our feedback page. Answer these questions and submit. You do not need to include your email address. *After applying on website make sure to apply to the guild stone too, you can't be accepted in-game otherwise*.

  1. How long have you been playing Mabinogi?
  2. What guilds have you been in?
  3. Why did you leave?
  4. What does being in a guild mean to you?
  5. How did  you find out about Icons? If from a friend in the guild, mention who.
  6. How active are you in game?
  7. What do you usually do in game?
  8. What is your total level?
  9. Main skill Set?
  10. Race?
  11. What is your in-game name? * (capitalization matters)

*Applications without an in-game name will be deleted.*

Dracondemon will be handling all recruitment matters, any questions should be noted to him.

The guild caretakers will review your application within 24-48 hours.  If no one opposes your application, you will be accepted at the latest, 48 hours from the time your application was submitted.  You will be placed under probationary status for one week. While under probationary status, any misdemeanor or any discovered misconduct can cost you your membership and can be expelled without warning.  After one week, you will gain full member status and will be entitled all the privileges of a full member, including fair trial in case of misdemeanor or misconduct.


What next when you are accepted?

Now that you are accepted, enjoy the game! Also, try to register to the guild website to take full advantage of being an Icons.

If you are registering to this official website, we strongly adviced that you DO NOT use the same username and password you used on your mabinogi account.

Have a great day!

For more information, we recommend our FAQ section,  About the Guild section and most importantly, please read our Code of Conduct.