Production Service

06/13/2013 07:47:18 +0000


The guild offers production services to the members at the following ranks:

  • Rank 1 Blacksmithing
    • for knuckles, battle swords, avon shields, etc.
    • bars and tools
    • Click here for list.
  • Rank 1 Tailoring
    • rosemary glove, large ribbon, etc.
    • Click here for list.
  • Rank 1 Carpentry
    • custom made HLBs etc.
  • Rank 1 Weaving
    • for your production needs such as tough string, tough threads
  • Master Refining
    • ingots and plates
  • Rank 1 Synthesis
    • crystal growing
  • Master Fragmentation
    • Click here for the list of breakable items.
  • Rank 1 Enchanting and Extraction
    • You need to provide your own Finest Firewood for higher success rate.

If materials are provided, the service is free for the guild member.  If you do not have the materials, check here for list of pre-made items (check under smithed items), or you can also pre-order. Note that pre-made and/or pre-ordered items are paid with GAP not gold. To earn GAP, check here for list, you can also check below for other means of earning GAP.

Try to notify us in advance so we can schedule specially during busy events.  Try not to schedule your request during important events such as Double Rainbow, everyone needs a time for their own.

Also, try to read about Service Etiquette to prevent embarrassment and misunderstanding.

Need more GAP?

You can earn gap by visiting your member page and clicking on the 'claim' button every day. You can also donate materials that the guild need in order to make more stuff.  Blacksmithing items cost a lot of ingots to make, the bulk of the needed materials goes to Holy Water and Arat Crystals to clone ingots needed for smithing.

Below are the list of items/materials that the guild could reward you points for donating. (The list is being built and updated constantly so check always)

Material GAP Units
Holy Water 20 stack of 10
Arat Crystals 200 stack of 50
Romeo and Juliet Script 150 piece
Finest Leather 100 stack of 10
Fine Leather 80 stack of 10
Finest Silk 100 stack of 10
Fine Silk 80 stack of 10
Common Silk 50 stack of 10
Cheap Silk 25 stack of 10
Finest Fabric 100 stack of 10
Fine Fabric 80 stack of 10

Service Renderers

By default, the above list of services are being rendered by Lyf and Sylpi, but other Icons can render their service specially if the 2 are not available or AFK. Below are the list of Icons who offers services.  If you want to be included on the list. Please post your intention on the wall below including the rank and your special instructions/requirements.