Security Advisory & Notices  

Beware of impersonators

Tue Dec 11 20:04:56 2012 +0000

It has come into our attention that a lot of scammers are using the names of our guildmates and pretends that they are the 'alt' character wishing to do trades.  Here are some of the compiled guildlines when doing trades:

  • Do not trade on alts, if you must, make sure you are not at the losing position.
  • Always ask around before performing the trade.
  • Always check the guild name of the person you are trading with.
    • Particularly check if the guild is not a family name.
  • Always check the security watchlist.
  • Always take screenshots of the trade, this may not help in resolving issues but at least it can be used to warn the public about the scammer.
  • Do not get enticed by people offering you very good deal but wants to perform the deal over teamviewer saying various excuses from 'fear of force trade' to 'having a full inventory'.  Never use any other means of trading except for what the game has to offer, i.e. the trade window.
  • Do not drop your stuff which for trade at a buyer/seller homestead. there was a case that some scammer use this trick asking you to drop your item at their HS during trade to let them see better, but then kick you out of their HS (delete you on Friend list and ban you from enter HS) to get your item.


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